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ACT Achievement

Students at NEW Lutheran High consistently achieve at outstanding levels, being prepared in all subject areas for academic life after their high school years.
One way that we are able to compare our student performance is to track the data that is shared with all high schools across the state of Wisconsin through the ACT battery of tests.  The ACT test in one of the primary indicators for colleges and universities to use in the admissions process.
For the past 10 years, NEW Lutheran High has been one of the highest achieving schools according to average ACT scores.  Our class of 2017 had a composite score of 25.3 which was over 5 full points higher than the state average and higher, ranking NEWLHS as the #1 school in Northeastern WI for ACT scores! 
Another important fact to note about the ACT test administration at NEW Lutheran is that annually, 95% or more of our students take this exam and our composite score is based on the scores of every student taking the test. 
In addition to our proven record of academic success, Lutheran High received the ACT Red Quill Award  in 2008 for excellence in academic achievement.  In 2011, NEWLHS received the ACT Red Quill Legacy Award for continuous progress and sustained achievement over time.
For more information on the ACT test and our record of achievement, please contact our Principal at 469-6810 to schedule an appointment today.