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Students at NEW Lutheran High consistently achieve at outstanding levels, being prepared in all subject areas for academic life after their high school years.

One way that we are able to compare our student performance is to track the data that is shared with all high schools across the state of Wisconsin through the ACT battery of tests.  The ACT test in one of the primary indicators for colleges and universities to use in the admissions process.

For the past 10 years, NEW Lutheran High has been one of the highest achieving schools according to average ACT scores.  Our class of 2017 had a composite score of 25.3 which was over 5 full points higher than the state average and higher, ranking NEWLHS as the #1 school in Northeastern WI for ACT scores! 

Another important fact to note about the ACT test administration at NEW Lutheran is that annually, 95% or more of our students take this exam and our composite score is based on the scores of every student taking the test. 

In addition to our proven record of academic success, Lutheran High received the ACT Red Quill Award  in 2008 for excellence in academic achievement.  In 2011, NEWLHS received the ACT Red Quill Legacy Award for continuous progress and sustained achievement over time.

For more information on the ACT test and our record of achievement, please contact our Principal at 469-6810 to schedule an appointment today.


Lutheran High is proud to offer a variety of opportunities for our students to earn college credits while still in high school. Whether it's an online course, Advanced Placement courses taught on campus or online, a cohort program on our campus, or off-site opportunities, our students can earn upwards of 20-25 college credits from fully accredited programs that will transfer to the college or university of their choosing - nearly a full year of college.  This helps our students get a leg up on their post-secondary education saving families thousands of dollars in tuition in the process.

For more information, contact our Principal at 469.6810.

Our university partners:
Grand Canyon University - Phoenix, AZ (online dual credit)
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (dual credit on our campus)
Concordia University Wisconsin (online dual credit)
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Green Bay, WI (dual credit - high school or college campuses)

Concordia Promise
Through a partnership with Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon, our students are able to take online dual credit courses at a greatly reduced rate of $150 per class or $50 per credit hour.

The Concordia Promise Plus offers something an added benefit, all course fees will be completely refunded to the family should the student attend full-time either at Concordia University Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, MI.  This can mean the motivated student can earn up to a full year of college education for free! 

For more information about the Concordia Promise and the specific classes that are offered, please contact our Principal, Mr. Jim McClellan at 920.469.6810 or via email at

Additional information about the Concordia Promise and the Concordia Promise Plus can be found at the following link -


The key to a terrific education is to partner with parents to insure the success of every student.  At NEW Lutheran High, we take great strides to make sure we have clear communication with our students and families.  We are able to do this effectively by keeping class sizes at appropriate levels.

Current class sizes are 1 teacher to every 14 students (14:1).  Lower teacher to student ratios mean that every student has more attention and can develop deeper relationships with the adults in the building.  

To experience the culture of our school and to see the difference that smaller class sizes make when it comes to academic success through meaningful relationships, please contact our school office at 469-6810 to schedule a time to tour our campus.  We look forward to your visit!


Our students are academically prepared to meet the challenges presented to them in college but, more importantly, they have learned what it means to defend their faith in Jesus.    Because of their efforts in the classroom, most of our students attend 4 Year colleges and universities.  We also have graduates that choose to attend 2 year community colleges for specialized education and still others that choose to enter the military or the work force upon graduation.  Whatever our students choose, we are proud of them and continue to support them as young Christian leaders.

Here is a partial list of the schools where our students have gone - 
Bemidji State University
Bentley University
Bethany College
Bethel University
Cedarville University
Caroll University
Carthage University
Columbia University - Chicago
Concordia University - St. Paul, MN
Concordia University Wisconsin
Concordia University Chicago
Concordia University Nebraska
Concordia University - Ann Arbor, MI
Concordia University - Irvine, CA
Fox Valley Technical College
Grand Canyon University
Hillsdale University
Iowa Wesleyan University
Kansas University
Lakeland University
Lawrence University
Madison College
Marian University
Marquette University
Michigan Tech University
New York University - NYU
North Central University
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Northern Michigan University
Ohio University
Ohio St. University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Purdue University
Ripon College
Rutgers University
St. Norbert University
University of Alabama
University of Florida
University of Iowa
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
University of Southern California
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin - River Falls
University of Wisconsin - Parkside
University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin - Stout
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Valparaiso University
Wisconsin Lutheran College