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Scholarships are available for new and returning students from all backgrounds.  Please inquire today about the application process for the following opportunities:

Zoe Means Life Scholarship
Through the generosity of an NEWLHS alumni, Zoe Means Life scholarships of varying amounts are available to incoming Freshmen students.  Zoe was the newborn daughter of our benefactor's friend who passed away after health complications cut her young life short.  This scholarship, although not initially established this way, has been renamed to honor the life of young Zoe and her family.  Interested students must fill out an application to qualify. 

Church Scholarships
Several additional scholarships are available through supporting congregations.  Redeemer, Faith and Pilgrim Lutheran Churches have endowed scholarships available for their member families.  Redeemer also offers scholarships to students that are not members of their congregation. Applications are available in the school office for scholarships from these churches.

Scholarships are just one option for families to reduce tuition, making attending Lutheran High a reality.  We take great strides to work with all families so that affordability does not become a factor to determine enrollment.

Please contact Mr. Chris Nelson at 471.5754 for more information.




Tuition assistance grants are available for eligible families at Lutheran High.

An online application is available through our aid assessment partner, FACTS.  This organization assesses applicants' financial information and generates a report for the school to determine the size of the grant needed. Most applications are accepted with at least 50% of the demonstrated need met by the school.  

This general practice may be affected by available resources at the time the application is received, however.  The earlier families apply, the better.

Interested families should contact our Executive Director at 920.471.5754, or by email to

To access the online application, please visit the FACTS website - FACTS LINK